Membership prices VSIL 2019

Membership subscription
per calendar year VSIL
(current year)
Activity fee per
semester VSIL
(fall, spring)
Students 100 NOK 100 NOK
0 NOK 100 NOK
non students 100 NOK 300 NOK

It only costs 200 NOK per semester or 300 NOK per year for students* to register and train with us! For international students it costs 100 NOK per semester or 200 NOK per year. Non students pay only 400 NOK per semester or 700 NOK per year. A drop-in solution/punch card will be offered during the fall semester of 2019.

In addition, there is a hall fee of 300 NOK per semester or membership with the SSN.

A guest training arrangement is offered for external students who are members of student sports where they study. Guest training means that students who are members of the student welfare organisations in Tromsø, Trondheim, Oslo, Ås, Stavanger, Sammen, Agder and Southeast Norway can train for free with the other student welfare organisations and VSIL. The arrangement also applies to employees who are members. You can guest train at the student welfare organisation and with VSIL for up to 30 days spread over a calendar year, In addition to up to two months during the summer holidays from June 1 to September 1. Guest training cards are available from the student welfare organisation: SSN

*Students at the University of South-Eastern Norway (all campuses) and the vocational school in Vestfold. Also applies to employees who are members.