User manual

Don’t have a Norwegian person number?

User manual international students – Payment with IBAN and BIC/SWIFT
Send an email to with name and student ID. You will be registered manually and recieve paymentinformation per epost (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT). Bring your student ID at your next training, and we’ll note you down. If you want to train the same day as the payment is made, bring a printout or screenshot of the payment, and show it to the team leader.

If you have a Norwegian person number

VSIL uses the membership register KlubbAdmin. To become a member of VSIL, you must have a user on “Min Idrett” and send a membership application to the sports team. Here’s how you do it:

Download the app “Min Idrett”. This is your ID along with valid ID (student ID, credit card, passport, etc.)

The registration itself is done on:

Click on “Login”, or “New user” in case you don’t already have an account on Min Idrett.

Go to the membership page, click on “Find new club” and search for Vestfold Studentidrettslag.

Click on Vestfold Studentidrettslag VSIL and then click on send application. Do this even if you do not see the particular sport you want to start with in the list. A complete list will be updated during the fall of 2019. You can attend all trainings of all sports we offer.

Once the application has been processed, you will receive a confirmation of this by e-mail.

Du vil motta en faktura. Når faktura er betalt er registreringen komplett og du kan delta på alle treninger til alle grener vi tilbyr. Ta med utskrift/skjermdump fra nettbanken dersom du vil trene samme dag som fakturaen legges til betaling og fremvis til lagleder. Neste trening legitimerer du deg med Min idrett appen.   

You will receive an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid, the registration is complete and you can attend all training sessions for all sports we offer. Include printout / screenshot from the online bank if you want to practice on the same day the invoice is added to the payment, and present it to the team manager. Next training, identify with the Min Idrett app.

Use the Min Idrett app as a credential for training when you show up for the first time and if you are attending a sport you have not attended before.