Here are answers to some frequently asked questions!

Who can become a member of VSIL?

You don’t have to be a student to train with us. Although VSIL is basically a student-run organization for students, both students and non students are welcome!

How do I become a member of VSIL?

For å bli medlem hos VSIL registrerer du deg på Min idrett og sender medlemssøknad til idrettslaget. I brukermanualen finner du beskrivelse av hvordan du skal gå frem.

To become a member of VSIL, register for “Min Idrett” and send a membership application to the sports team. In the user manual you will find a description of how to proceed.

What does it cost?

It only costs 200 NOK per semester or 300 NOK per year for students* to register and train with us! For international students it costs 100 NOK per semester or 200 NOK per year. Non students pay only 400 NOK per semester or 700 NOK per year. A drop-in solution/punch card will be offered during the fall semester of 2019.

In addition, there is a hall fee of 300 NOK per semester or membership with the SSN.

*Students at the University of South-Eastern Norway (all campuses) and the vocational school in Vestfold. Also applies to employees who are members.

How do I join a sport?

First, sign up and attend one of the sports training sessions. If you have any questions about the sport or training times, contact one of the team leaders for the sport you want to join.

Do you have any more questions?

Don’t hesitate to write us an email!